Best Online Health Services

With the dawn of high-speed internet connections and online resources, people have slowly moved away from traditional practices towards faster, more convenient ways of acquiring knowledge. Instead of reading the newspaper, people opt to subscribe to digital publications. Instead of driving around to find new restaurants and local dining hot spots, people simply surf the web and use navigational applications. Instead of consulting with doctors and health experts for medical advice, people opt to look up online resources.

Yes, the internet is littered with websites that offer medical advice, but are these resources really reliable? When it comes to our health, it’s never a good idea to make assumptions and estimations – always seek the advice of your doctor for any medical concern. But in case you really just can’t shake off the need to read, then these legitimate online health services offer some of the most accurate medical information on the internet.

  1. WebMD – Ranking in first on search engines when it comes to medical resources, WebMD has gained popularity as one of the best medical services online. This website offers readers an extensive collection of information on different kinds of health issues and conditions. WebMD has been around for nearly 20 years thanks to its rich database, reliable articles, and solid base of professional medical experts contributing to their online services.
  2. Everyday Health – One of WebMD’s main competitors, Everyday Health has accumulated a respectable number of patrons as well, generating as much as 30 million unique visitors every year. This website has tons of helpful information including recipes, health tops, advice, support, and informative articles all geared towards helping people achieve a better health status.
  3. Castlight Health – Castlight, unlike the previous websites, doesn’t really offer medical information about conditions per se. This unique medical service website gives visitors an in-depth breakdown of the costs and fees of countless medical procedures and services. The aim of Castlight is to help consumers steer clear of unnecessary payments and fees. You can also shop around for procedures and book a visit to a registered doctor through this helpful website.
  4. HealthTap – Taking a spin on the provision of medical information, HealthTap offers visitors relevant and informative answers for their specific health-related questions. By employing the aid of a group of skilled and licensed doctors, HealthTap is able to provide clients with information regarding their health concerns. Simply ask away and wait for one of the many doctors under HealthTap to provide you with a quick and free consultation.
  5. Patient Fusion – No more waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment. At Patient Fusion, you can book a doctor’s appointment online. This smart website also allows clients to browse through their extensive list of doctors, estimated to be in the millions. You can also opt to write a review regarding a doctor you’ve seen to help others with their doctor selection process.
  6. RXEuropa – Dangerous territory here.  There has been a big clean up of online pharmacies. But there are still a lot of rogue sites – ‘so-called pharmacies’ – which are mostly run by criminals. So be careful! Before you buy cocodamol 500/30mg or similar strong painkillers, make sure the site you buy from is affiliated with a registered pharmacy. This recommended site specializes in pain medications like codeine and Tramadol.  Painkillers like that are especially difficult to buy online as the documentation required to dispense them is huge.  So many legitimate pharmacies don’t bother.  This site has two registered pharmacy partners. And it even allows you to buy without a prescription as they have an online prescription service staffed by EU registered doctors.

Remember – it’s always best to consult with your personal doctor face to face. Never use the information in these websites to self-diagnose or self-medicate. Being in the know is never a bad thing – just make sure you use what you know to seek professional help especially when necessary.